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 Who are we?

We are Gordon and Drieka Smithjes and live together with our two children Guylian Lisanne and cats in the small village Kesteren in Gelderland. We currently have two Maine Coons and two cats HTK (home, garden kitchen cats).                                                                         


Origin of the Cattery.

 Since 1995 we have cats. It started with two brothers Goofy and Mickey. We got them when they were six weeks old (too young!) from a farm. In 2008 Minoes literally walked trough the door. She was estimated to be six months old and was very sick. Her mouth and eyes were inflamed and she sneezed terrible. We took her straight to the vet to get her back on her  feet. In hindsight  it could have dangerous consequences for our two other cats. Therefore we tested Minoes for FeLV and FIV. The outcome of this was fortunately negative. Because our two males Mickey and Goofy (although neutered) could just walk outside, we let Minoes outside in our garden when we were at home. Unvortunately we have not noticed that she was mated by a male from the neighbourhood. She was not even ten months old. This we deeply regretted! After consultation with our vet, we decided to let the kittens come. Because I never had a litter, we wanted to find information. I was thinking that I could get info on a cat show.... and then it happened! We ended up at a Maine Coon show in Aalsmeer. That here only Maine Coons were, I did not know in advance. We were mega impressed! What a wonderful breed! Then we visited several shows and I've gone to many lectures. Nowadays we show our own  Maine Coons and we learn more and more . Maine Coons generally have a wonderful nature and everything to do with Maine Coons attracts our attention. In other words: We are infected with the Coonvirus!